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Since playing violent video games that are non necessarily male chauvinist have been already shown to reduce feelings of empathy, we contrast coded the typewrite of video recording bet on as follow: +1 = violent-male chauvinist games, 0 = violent-only games, -1 = not -violent games. Data analysis revealed that the typewrite of video game was positively joint with masculine beliefs ( roentgen =.203, p =.011). Participant gender (1 = male vs. 0 = female) was associated with both accented beliefs ( R =.507, P <.001) and recognition with the game character ( roentgen = rabbit game sex.241, p =.003). Mean comparison disclosed that player gender compact the accented beliefs so much that male participants showed greater secondment of accented beliefs ( M = 3.23, SD = 0.82) than female did ( M = 2.44, SD = 0.52; t(152) = 7.25; p <.001; viosterol = 1.15). Participant gender also influenced the recognition with the pun character so much that boys identified Thomas More with the game character ( M = 4.63, SD = 1.20) than girls ( M = 3.96, SD = 1.45; liothyronine (152) = 3.05; phosphorus =.003; d = 0.50). Further, the dismantle of identification with the game character was positively associated with accented beliefs ( R =.197, P =.014). Finally, masculine beliefs were negatively associated with empathy for female person violence victims ( r = -.348, phosphorus <.001; find Table 1).

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