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"When I bumped into you for the first time, information technology was form of marvelous. If it were strange workforce, I would take gotten goosebumps just adult fish games from touching alone, merely surprisingly, I had No response towards you...... Even when we were close, I didn't blush nor feel tense at whol. And likewise, I was really curious about Suzuki-kun's card, so I took a chance to call in you come out. And thither, I was mentation, what if I couldn't talk to you afterwards that? But, information technology was totally a gratuitous worry. It was quite a different experience with unusual guys, but talking to you doesn't make my heart ticktack quickly nor work my look red. It's probably because you ar A lame laugh at, an Otaku, and your glory seemed weak, sol I couldn't witness you as vitamin A human race and was capable to babble to you normally, I suppose."

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